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Passive RFID is the preferred technology for building an automated enterprise-wide tracking system, as compared to Active RFID and Barcode. Build an RFID plan for the future success of your laboratory, surgical unit, hospital, healthcare system, or across your IDN. Scalability is key allowing you to begin with smaller projects that address priority challenges and grow into a long-term strategy for expansion to ultimately achieve enterprise-wide interoperability and standardization.

Most crucial for accomplishing this is integrating Quake Global’s Passive RFID Healthcare Enterprise Solutions. Quake’s experience, healthcare industry reputation and knowledge, and technological influence make us industry leaders in delivering state of the art RFID Solutions. Our RFID Healthcare Solutions work independently and together as a single source, robust, highly flexible and scalable system sought and acknowledged by experts as the best practice for the industry.

Learn how Quake’s Healthcare Solutions can mitigate multiple issues and increase efficiency, patient safety and ROI for your healthcare enterprise.


Quake’s Patented Technology Delivers

The highest guaranteed accuracy available

Scalability to start small and grow big

Flexibility to solve multiple workflow challenges

Real-Time Actionable Alerts and Notifications

The most reliable Solution available

GPS Mapping for visibility to exact item location


Specimen Tracking

Automatically track specimens through the entire chain of custody. Upgrade your current manual, or semi-automated barcode tracking systems to the modern, fully-automated and accurate RFID Specimen Tracking Solution.

Increase efficiency, reduce cost and achieve better patient care by mitigating challenges:

  • Specimen loss/errors
  • Collection point delays and missed pick-ups
  • Courier tracking and accountability issues
  • Check-in and accessioning time and errors
  • Cross-functional team miscommunications and inaction
  • Repeated procedure time and costs
  • Misdiagnosis and wrong or no treatment
  • Issues with meeting accreditation requirements
  • Potential litigation and legal costs

Asset Tracking

Gain 24/7 real-time visibility to the location and status of every piece of medical, IT, or facility equipment. Accurately track through the entire chain of custody including inventory and retrieval, usage, sanitation, maintenance, assembly, and delivery.

Our RFID Asset Tracking Solution eliminates cost, inefficiencies, and issues that threaten patient safety:

  • Inability to find medical devices
  • Inaccurate tracking for UDI requirements
  • Asset replacement and extended rental costs
  • Staff asset hoarding and theft
  • Inaccurate assignment or utilization
  • Missed asset maintenance
  • Inefficient recall management
  • Infiltration of counterfeit medical devices
  • Time spent counting and searching for assets

Inventory Tracking

Track inventory movement and status through the entire chain of custody and repeated cycles of usage, sterilization, counts, and restocks by using Quake’s automated RFID Inventory Solution.

An investment in 24/7, real-time RFID Inventory Tracking saves cost, increases efficiency and patient safety by mitigating issues:

  • Out of stock items
  • Time searching for inventory
  • Purchases outside contractual agreements
  • Inventory loss and theft
  • Out of date and perishable items
  • Inaccurate stock delivery and misplacement
  • Inventory count time
  • Overstocking issues
  • Missed re-orders

Surgical Instrument Tracking

Track surgical instruments effectively through the entire cycle of repeated use and contamination, counting, harsh sterilization processes, packaging and kitting, inventory, retrieval, matching and delivery.

Our RFID Solution is the modern, automated, and accurate method for tracking surgical instruments mitigating common issues:

  • Manual entry and count time and costs
  • Contamination and harsh sterilization tracking
  • Loss in unauthorized or incorrect locations
  • Inaccurate patient and procedure usage attribution
  • Inaccurate inspection
  • Incorrect storage location and retrieval
  • Cost of cancelled procedures
  • Packaging and kitting time and inaccuracies

Contagion and Compliance

Track the location and status of people and assets within a hospital providing the necessary data to build an effective containment plan. Our Solution displays the playback of an infected individual and their interactions with equipment or people. Identify the spread of disease and enable effective containment in minutes instead of hours.

Increase efficiency, patient and staff safety to stay in compliance of contagion control by mitigating:

  • Infected patients wandering outside of restricted areas
  • Unauthorized staff or guests accessing restricted areas
  • Unknown contact history of the infected patient
  • Non-compliance with decontamination standards
  • Unsafe use and disposal of sharps
  • Unsafe management of linens
  • Ineffective management and PPE
  • Unsafe handling and disposal of clinical waste

Security Control

Ensure security control by identifying individuals who are not authorized to enter a facility or secure areas. Secure all physical assets within your facilities with real-time visibility and alerts.

Our RFID Security Control helps ensure the safety of all staff, patients, and visitors, and security of all medical equipment and other valuables by mitigating issues:

  • Unauthorized movement of patients
  • Patients leaving without notification
  • Unauthorized entrance and movement of guests
  • Entrance of unauthorized registered users
  • Employee access to unauthorized areas
  • Minimal layers of security to avoid access and theft
  • Slow response due to lack of real-time awareness
  • Damage or theft of medical equipment and drugs
  • Damage to temperature sensitive drugs, tissues, and specimens

Patient ID and Flow

Automatically verify the patients ID, provide immediate access to their information and records, ensure that all procedures, medical equipment, inventory, medicines, specimens and tests are matched to the right patient. Streamlining patient ID and flow ensures each patient is receiving the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

Increase efficiency, patient safety and experience while saving cost by mitigating Issues:

  • Wrong patient surgery and site
  • Incorrect medication administration
  • Patient moved to the wrong place at the wrong time
  • Long turnaround times in surgery units
  • Patient left unattended
  • Patient receiving the wrong care
  • Incorrect medical implant matching
  • Inaccurate information for audits
  • Lost billings attributed to each patient

Enterprise Workflow

Improve the standard of patient care, experience, and satisfaction by streamlining flow and throughput, and efficiency in the use of resources.

Eliminate manual, repetitive tasks for your staff , improve safety, and save costs by mitigating common enterprise workflow issues:

  • Incorrect items entering or exiting patient rooms
  • Extended patient waiting times
  • Inefficient use of rooms and resources
  • Wasted staff time tracking down patients
  • Patients leaving ED or hospital without knowledge
  • Inaccurate recording of clinician care
  • Wrong location or late arrival of patients to procedures
  • Unnecessary medical equipment purchases
  • Loss of billings for inventory, asset usage, and procedure OT
  • Difficult wayfinding throughout hospitals

Passive RFID
Active RFID or Barcode

Passive RFID is the preferred technology for building an automated enterprise-wide tracking system, as compared to Active RFID and Barcode. Take a look at the comparison rankings listed below and schedule a demo with us to learn more about the advantages of our patented Passive RFID technology.

Passive RFID

Active RFID



Minimizes or eliminates the need for human intervention for a variety of workflows


Adapts easily to different types of user systems and tracking challenges


Ability to start small and grow big


Guarantees error-free response within milliseconds


Ability to remain functional with minimal maintenance, repair, or replacement



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