PAM Asset Intelligence Center

Achieve a new level of data accuracy and clarity with the PAM software solution. PAM correlates RFID-related data from Quake Global's EasyTAP™ or other RFID data sources and seamlessly integrates it into your applications.

At a Glance


  • HL7 compliant
  • Complex event processor
  • Logic processor
  • Workflow processor
  • Advanced process automation
  • Increased data relevancy
  • Improved business intelligence


  • Highly configurable based on your defined business logic

Markets Served

  • healthcare-icon healthcare
  • industrial-icon industrial
  • manufacturing-icon manufacturing

Quake RFID Automation Processes

Quake RFID Automaion Processes

Within Departments

Facility Wide Enterprise Solution
Quake RFID Automaion Processes

Integrated Delivery Network

Across Multiple Locations
Quake RFID Automaion Processes

Quake RFID Automaion Processes

RFID Product Solutions

Quakes passive RFID infrastructure can support a multitude of use cases with an infinite number of tags and tag types being read simultaneously to create true real time asset tracking.
Each tag is an endpoint that communicates actionable data and enables insightful analytics that empowers an organization to make meaningful changes that represent measurable ROI

Industrial RFID Solution

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QIAM™ Quake Intelligent Asset Management

Ultra-Compact Global Communication Device

Create actionable data and analytics information based on your specific needs. QIAM delivers visibility to accurate RFID data and gives users a meaningful, rich and customizable data intelligence portal.
QIAM aggregates all RFID data and gives users a one stop dashboard to view data intelligence in configurable permissions-based formats that include reports, analytics, mapping and actionable alerts.

Quake RFID Automaion Processes

PAM - Process Automation Module

RFID Middleware Processing Layer
Quake RFID Automaion Processes

Correlate and convert complex data into relevant business information.
The PAM data traffic engine, manages, processes, correlates and converts complex data into important actionable analytics are integrated to QIAM or other integration partners.
PAM powers our integration engine, that has successfully integrated key real time location data into clinical programs and analytics software.
Filtering out noise and focused on the most important asset for you, feeding relevant data accordingly.


RFID Middleware Processing Layer
Quake RFID Automaion Processes

Visualize data in real time and optimize your performance. Quake's proprietary RFID middleware gives you a three-dimensional operational view and a clear path to process improvements.
TAP is the infrastructure accuracy manager that calibrates, configures and controls the connected system to ensure the best possible accuracy is achieved and maintained. Configuring and controlling real time data that is relevant based on your specific business objectives.

Data Integrations in Healthcare

Correlate and convert complex data into relevant business information.

Our location data is sent via data integration with both unidirectional and bidirectional data streaming using HL7 Compliant communication standards. Specialized integrations have allowed customers to view and manage location for patients, staff, assets, specimens and use data analytics, to optimize workflows.

Quake RFID Automaion Processes
Quake RFID Automaion Processes