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CareCenter®Increase Efficiency, Residents Health, Safety,
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Senior Living Centers are responsible for the well-being, health, and safety of residents. Ensuring that timely and immediate care occurs, especially for unplanned events, is nearly impossible when simply relying on in-person checks and facility searches.

CareCenter is a life improving, all-in-one Solution enabling pro-active, immediate, and ongoing watchful care that reduces the occurrence of significant incidents. CareCenter tracks the real-time movement of each resident triggering actionable alerts and notifications for attending to critical care needs. The Solution enables 24/7 real-time visibility and connectivity of each resident to their caregivers, improving the level of care and response performance as required by your facility, licensing, and regulations.

Senior living centers utilizing CareCenter have the advantage due to the higher-level of individualized care and attention it enables for each resident, and the peace of mind it provides their loved ones. Read on to learn more about how CareCenter’s precision technology can increase resident’s well-being, health, and safety, efficiency, and ROI at your Senior Living Center.


Quake’s Exclusive Technology Delivers

Monitoring of staff efficiency and response times

Flexibility to solve multiple resident care challenges

Wearable push button enabling real-time actionable alerts

The most reliable Solution available

Map view of exact resident and staff location


Fall Assistance

Resident falls are one of the most common, costly, and harmful health events across settings of care. Falls most often occur when residents are mobile in their rooms without ability to communicate to caregivers.

CareCenter wearable’s push button alert system is an essential tool for ensuring residents receive immediate care when at risk of a fall or an incident has occurred. CareCenter helps mitigate:

  • Inability for resident that is at risk or has fallen to immediately alert staff
  • Failure of staff to provide resident safety and care due to absence of situational awareness
  • Risk resulting in fall due to delayed response
  • Increased health risks due to delayed response to fall
  • Potential hospitalizations and liability due to resident fall

Wander Management

It’s critical to keep a watchful eye on residents at risk for wandering or elopement without effecting their independence or dignity.

CareCenter provides 24/7 real-time visibility of each resident’s location and movement, whether in or out of doors at your facility. This enables your staff to attend to residents in real-time ensuring their safety. CareCenter helps mitigate:

  • Failure to see residents that are currently wandering
  • Residents entering or exiting unauthorized locations
  • Wasted time spent manually searching for wanderers
  • Elopement events due to lack of alerts
  • Frequency of in person checks on status of known wanders
  • The inability to ensure wanders are in safe locations

Emergency Alert

When serious, unexpected, and dangerous situations strike, immediate response can mean the difference between life and death. Many factors such as responder’s proximity, unawareness of the event, and staff shortages can delay response time.

CareCenter ensures safety and health by providing 24/7 real-time facility-wide connectivity and visibility of each resident and staff member. CareCenter helps mitigate:

  • Resident’s inability to immediately alert staff
  • Safety risks due to delays in staff awareness
  • Wasted time spent manually searching for wanderer
  • Health and safety risk due to lengthy response times
  • Consequences due to non-response or follow up

Contact Tracing

Traditional methods of retroactively tracing where and whom an infected resident has come in contact with is a time-consuming and inaccurate processes.

CareCenter is an essential tool for all Senior Living Centers to ensure quick containment to avoid outbreaks. CareCenter helps mitigate:

  • Extensive time spent to manually retrace infected resident’s contact
  • Inaccurate and incomplete risk assessments
  • Complicated, lengthy, and inaccurate quarantine protocols
  • Ineffective containment resulting in spread of infection
  • Inadequate date for compliance reporting

Care Attendance

The amount of care for each resident varies depending on individual needs. With historical staffing shortages, caregivers are spread thin and struggling with providing required levels of care.

CareCenter provides caregivers the critical tools and communications necessary for ensuring each resident receives the expected level of care in a timely manner. CareCenter helps mitigate:

  • Resident’s inability to alert staff at any time
  • Lengthy caregiver response times
  • Inadequate time and attention given to resident
  • Unequal participation and distribution of resident care across caregiver teams
  • Managements unawareness of response time issues

Predictive Care

Managing potential health and behavior challenges using traditional monitoring methods such as manual checks or compilation of records is far from effective in ensuring resident safety.

CareCenter automatically collects data about resident’s health, routines, and behaviors. With predictive analytics, current and historical data is used to make informed decisions to mitigate or in some cases avoid the consequences of events. CareCenter helps mitigate:

  • Missing the early signs and symptoms of infection
  • Safety incidents and behavioral health consequences
  • Uniformed healthcare and safety decision-making
  • Poor quality standards and staff performance
  • Inadequate policy compliance and reporting

Activity Participation

Participation in various Senior Living Center activities and events offers residents cognitive and social stimulation and can help lessen feelings of isolation and depression. Manually tracking each resident’s daily participation can bean extremely time-consuming process that is prone to error.

Automating the process to track the frequency and types of activity participation can ensure the well-being of each resident. CareCenter helps mitigate:

  • Unawareness of changes in participation and behavior patterns that could signify cause for concern
  • Lack of access and follow through on resident’s activity preferences, restrictions, and requirements
  • Consequential injuries and other health related issues due to participation

Safety Evacuation

Most all residents in Senior Living Centers will require some level of assistance with evacuation. Whether fire, flood, earthquake, or impending hurricane, having a plan of action for safe evacuation is critical.

CareCenter helps ensure 24/7 visibility to each resident within or outside Senior Living Centers. This information is crucial in order to locate each resident to bring them to safety. CareCenter helps mitigate:

  • Inability to prioritize resident evacuation according to location, mobility, health, and behavior to cooperate
  • Danger to residents that are lost or hiding
  • Lack of accurate counts and specific resident information at assembly areas
  • Failure to comply with safety regulations and reporting
  • Loss of resident tracking data


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