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Quake Global is helping both Hospitals and Senior Living meet COVID-19 challenges with contagion and tracing.

San Diego, CA, California — Quake Global, Inc. the market leader in location intelligence has announced the general availability of three offerings, all of which leverage the current technology used today by our customers. These solutions offer the best in short term response, long term planning and enterprise location to ensure future pandemics can be managed proactively.

  • QSafe™ Rapid Deploy
  • QSafe™ Disaster Preparedness Kit.
  • QSafe™ Enterprise

Each of these options, based on proven technology used in healthcare and senior living today, allows trace tracking and containment with “hot zone” alerts that allow care providers to manage even the most difficult populations. Our solutions can locate and manage test results and specimens which are critical for identifying anyone who might test positive. Losing a test result can delay caregivers returning to care provider roles which can deplete scarce resources at a crucial time in our history.

 QSafe Rapid Deploy

Provides any organization the ability to deploy trace and contain within 72 hours and start monitoring the population to avoid making a bad situation worse. This is particularly useful for organizations that have specific areas that are designated for triage and contagion management where location technology might not be installed such as pop up triage centers, field hospitals or external screening and testing structures. QSafe Rapid Deploy is compatible with our enterprise solution and upon installation, the plug and play system connects to the main servers or cloud-based data centers to complete the location intelligence continuum for the entire organization. This system is also available as a stand-alone option.

 QSafe Disaster Preparedness Kit

This kit is your facility's answer to responding to contagion management now and in the future. Pre-configured in collaboration with your facilities management, this kit will come in a protective box that can be stored and easily deployed when your organization needs it most to provide immediately operational disaster preparedness tools as well as a response to management and regulatory agencies. In the future, location intelligence trace and containment will be the standard of care for managing contagion. Like the QSafe rapid deploy, this kit is plug and play compatible with our enterprise location systems.

 QSafe Enterprise:

QSafe enterprise is our RFID and/or Bluetooth (BLE) system that is the gold standard for location technology and intelligence in both healthcare and Senior Living in the market today. The optional single or dual technology system provides the best in active plug and play technology combined with the ability to provide high volume location tracking using low-cost RFID tags. Using location technology to locate everybody in healthcare facilities, critical equipment, test results, and specimens is more important than ever.

Healthcare and Senior Living populations are large and complex, including  staff, patients, residents, visitors, vendors and more. Each of those individuals who come through the door should be identified, tracked and located throughout their time on-site, from arrival to departure to ensure that each encounter is documented. Many facilities today have implemented screening and are printing identification and screening verification tags. Adding RFID to those processes already in use is easy and powerful. Our systems existing integrations to several EHR systems such as Cerner, Epic and lab systems (LIS) provides a significant advantage to our customers with the ability to track and locate upon arrival and integrate location data into existing systems.

  “During this hectic time, we have worked with our customers daily to take our already robust systems and show how we offer trace and containment. We are gratified and excited to see how the solutions we have been providing for over 9 years can assist our customers with contagion management” said Polina Braunstein, CEO of Quake Global. “we imagine this will become very important, not just for Covid19 but also for future contagion events that may occur in the future".

 About Quake Global

Quake Global is the leading provider of location intelligence automation systems for healthcare and senior living. Quake provides location and workflow optimization for patients, staff, equipment, and specimens as well as residents, visitors, equipment and staff in Senior Living communities. Our solution uses RFID and/or Bluetooth which enables cost-effective and rapid real-time tracking and 360o visibility to everything and everyone in care organizations.

 Quake Global works with several premier organizations such as New York-Presbyterian and NYU in healthcare and Atria and Revera Senior Living.


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