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For more than 20 years, the biggest brands in the world from construction to mining to assisted living have turned to Quake for their IoT technology needs. Quake is able to partner with such a wide range of customers because we tailor solutions to their specific needs—and also because we make the technology that drive those solutions. Quake-manufactured products and solutions are currently used in the automotive, oil and gas, IT, construction, logistics, industrial, security, healthcare, and assisted living markets. Coupled with Quake devices, our programmable analytics tools can optimize everything from mining site logistics to hospital operations to assisted living compliance and beyond; the possibilities are infinite. And Quake’s stand-alone devices and integrated solutions always work on the most efficient network for the job, including satellite, 5G, WiFi, V2x, BLE, UHF, RFID, or any combination.

With headquarters in San Diego, California, Quake’s solutions, products, and design services span the globe.

Our Customers

Quake's customers choose from powerful out-of-the-box capabilities, custom solutions, or fully integrated systems.