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Steps for Successful Deployment – RFID in Healthcare 

Quake Global’s passive RFID system tracks anyone or anything with highly affordable and reliable passive RFID tags. Our feature rich healthcare RFID software/solution can integrate with systems and software currently in place at your hospital for data forwarding. 


The installation starts with an evaluation of your hospital floorplan to map out RFID reader placement. From there the hardware is installed and necessary software integrations are configured. Quake Global performs multiple accuracy tests prior to deployment to ensure system quality and adequate coverage. 

Building a Team:

Included in Quake’s RFID software is reporting and historical/real-time data. It is highly advised that your hospital assign a team for process improvement if one is not already in place. With a team analyzing the RFID location data they can begin to locate and correct deficiencies and bottlenecks. 

Defining Operational Workflows:

Whether operational workflows are currently in place or have not yet been defined, it is important for your process improvement team to establish workflows to more accurately review and improve processes. This could be patient flow, clinical workflow, specimen processing flow or even defining the flow of medical equipment. The flexibility of Quake’s RFID software allows the process improvement team to be creative when defining customized workflows for your hospital. 

Alerts Configuration and Awareness:

With workflows defined the process improvement team can configure automated alerts to notify staff in the case of workflow errors, PAR levels and much more. Quake’s automated alerts feature is highly customizable and can be used in many scenarios. The implementation of alerts and staff training will greatly increase success using RFID technology in your hospital. 

Evaluate and Improve:

Once the workflows and alerts are configured and staff is trained, the process improvement team can begin reviewing data sent to Quake RFID software to monitor results and further optimize operations. 

Quake Global’s passive RFID system is feature rich and can be custom tailored to fit your hospital’s needs. Our solution has been proven to increase patient throughput, reduce costs and greatly improve efficiency. Do more with passive RFID, contact Quake Global for an evaluation or learn more on our solutions page.  

Tanner Immonen 
Marketing Coordinator 
Quake Global, Inc. 

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