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One Simple reason Hospitals need an RFID Technology System

RFID in healthcare promises many benefits and features but it's easy to be overwhelmed by the complexity of the solutions currently being offered. Throughout this article I plan to break down healthcare RFID and present you with just one simple reason to implement this powerful technology. To keep this article short and stay on track, I will be covering the specific use case of medical equipment management, but this one simple reason to implement RFID applies to all hospital use cases and applications.

Throughout my research of medical equipment and supply chain management I came across some appalling articles, case studies and reports. Quake Global has seen firsthand the positive impact that RFID has on healthcare and to see hospitals still performing manual inventory counts, weekly/sometimes daily audits and under the tight grasp of equipment hoarding, I am shocked.

The fact is, Quake’s enterprise RFID solution is a cash cow for hospitals. Beyond the upfront cost of implementing a passive RFID solution, hospitals soon realize they reach ROI faster than anticipated and reap the benefits of simple cost savings across many verticals. This I define as great value and it makes me question why hospitals are holding on to outdated and inefficient processes.

Let’s not get into each aspect of an enterprise RFID solution and the cost savings involved, there will be another time for that. Instead let’s get focused on breaking down equipment management with Quake’s RFID solution and the simple reason hospitals need RFID infrastructure.

Quake Global’s solution to medical equipment management provides a long list of features and benefits. I will list out a few of those below.

  • Utilization Status Reports
  • Asset Visibility
  • Maintenance Upkeep Status & Alerts
  • Usage & Expense Reports
  • Compile Safety Data
  • Accurate Inventory Counts
  • Smarter Purchasing Decisions
  • Equipment Hoarding Alerts
  • Par-Level Alerts for Inventory
  • Soiled Utility Room Monitoring & Alerts
  • Bird’s Eye View of Operations & Equipment

We can see here many ways that RFID provides value for the specific use case of medical equipment management. While this is all great and impacts hospitals in positive ways, what about the one simple reason hospitals need this RFID infrastructure? What does everything on this list equate to?

The easy answer is, operational efficiency. Quake’s RFID solution is centered around one key and hidden feature and that is process optimization. The scope of our RFID solution is to create more efficient hospitals, improve patient care, reduce costs and increase patient safety. With Quake Global’s enterprise hospital system everyone benefits from the top – down. An efficient hospital equipped with Quake RFID achieves higher patient throughput and satisfaction, increased productivity, inventory awareness and great cost reductions all around.

Become a more efficient and well optimized hospital; Get in touch with Quake Global or learn more here.

Tanner Immonen 
Marketing Coordinator 
Quake Global, Inc. 

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