BLE CareCenter Solution

This advanced, cloud-based wearable system enables tracking, calling and reporting all in real-time. Request a demonstration below to learn more about how it can support better, more prompt resident care, enhance safety and satisfaction, and improve staff workflow and efficiency.

At a Glance



  • Emergency call system
  • Contact tracing
  • Wearable technology with 16 month battery life
  • Real Time Location System (RTLS)
  • Auto escalation and alerts
  • Wander management
  • Mobile technology compatibility
  • Compliance ready
  • Robust reporting
  • Remote management and monitoring


  • Determine resident, staff, and equipment location 24/7 in real-time through interactive map displays
  • Enable residents to make emergency calls with the simple push of a button on a wearable device or in-room pull cord.
  • Enable immediate staff response time controlled with auto build escalation through mobile devices and emails
  • Locate residents during medication passes to ensure timely administration
  • Locate residents in seconds upon care provider arrival
  • Enable visiting family and friends to find loved ones immediately
  • Track and keep residents safe through wander management system
  • Ensure all residents arrive for meals and other scheduled activities
  • Ensure residents call system ensures residents receive immediate assistance
  • Eliminate maintenance through durable, reliable, water resistant wearables with extended battery life of over one year
  • Generate billable events
  • Set compliance to local standards

Not all emergency call and RTLS systems are created equal. 
Quake CareCenter solutions can help your facilities to bring residents an elevated level of care, comfort and safety.  


  • Don’t miss actions and events
  • Act in real time
  • Remain in compliance
  • Create personal care for each resident based on behavior
  • Stay on top of everything that transpires and moves 24/7
  • Be and stay in charge

Markets Served

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Resident Independence, Staff Peace of Mind

Quake’s BLE solution is used for senior living operators who seek visibility, control, and compliance for their community. Quake solution enables staff to insure immediate response in the event of emergency—and to provide timely assistance to residents. Solutions can stand alone or be integrated with other bartender SW or HW options such ASSAbloy or Herr.

Quake’s advanced solutions are scalable, affordable, and easy to deploy.