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Why You Need Dual-mode Communication Modems for Locating Valuable Equipment

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Kevin Harris, BSEE, MSEE, Six Sig Sigma Green Belt

Communications technology is complex, and people often get overwhelmed with trying to understand which options they need and how the solutions will bring value to their organizations. To clarify some of the issues, we have provided some descriptions of the communication technologies Quake Global offers, what the benefits are to each aspect of dual-mode communication, how Satellite and LTE work in partnership to provide reliable communication.  Finally, we have provided some real-world examples of how Quake’s technology has been used by our customers.


Quake Global offers two products that offer dual-mode communications that include both LTE Cellular and Iridium Satellite technology.  

  • QPRO™ is contained in a ruggedized housing intended for use in even the most challenging weather and terrain.
  • Q4000 ™ is a small footprint modem designed to be embedded as a component within any system our customers are building.  

In some rare cases, customers use QPRO and Q4000 as a satellite-based system without dual LTE, primarily when they have already invested in a system for cellular communication. We strongly recommend using an integrated system to ensure system compatibility and highest-quality communications. 

Why LTE?

 Quake Global’s LTE communication solution comes with the latest versions of global LTE. Our customers asked us for LTE to increase bandwidth data speeds, reduce latency, and increase network capacity, and speed. Some wanted the Low Power Wide Area cellular technology that enables them to get information from large numbers of assets with low data cost. Quake’s flexible product configurations meet all of those demands and the technology's innovative features result in higher productivity, efficient communication and the enormous benefit of delivering immediate real-time data for the valuable high dollar assets many companies own.  

 Why Iridium Satellite Technology?

 Iridium satellite communication provides complete coverage, with truly global communication, from pole to pole. With Iridium’s uniquely sophisticated global constellation of 66 cross-linked satellites, communication is continuous and reliable, and the added benefit of low earth orbit gives the best communication signal strength regardless of the terrain. 

 Why is Dual Mode better?

 Quake’s Dual-mode solution provides users the ability to use lower-cost cellular data as the primary communication mode, and at the same time have satellite communication as a backup to guarantee the transmission of critical data. Quake offers the only complete dual-mode solution with failover that provides both global Iridium SBD and Cellular with LTE in the market today.

Quakes QPRO and Q4000 offer the best of both technologies, bringing the worldwide and reliable iridium communication with global coverage combined with more efficient battery saving traffic management and the high speed and reduced latency of LTE

 Who benefits from dual-mode communication?

Dual-mode systems can be used in a variety of industries that need location intelligence and can benefit from worldwide coverage such as aviation, oil and gas, construction, heavy equipment, fleet management and maritime.

 Quake’s customers have used dual-mode modems for location and diagnostics for:

  • Heavy equipment in remote construction sites
  • Remote mining and gas operations
  • Maritime customers such as container ships
  • Commercial fleet management.
  • Large manufacturing locating forklifts, shuttles, and other transport vehicles.
  • The solutions have even been used in even in large scale agriculture operations

Even newer transportation modes such as drones can benefit from using dual-mode communication as they become more commonly used for transporting valuable and critical goods in industries as diverse as healthcare, defense, and manufacturing supply chain.

Why invest in Quake Global’s Location Intelligence Solution?

 Quakes products are configurable and fully programmable with the flexibility to suit any user’s needs. Our customers can customize location and machine diagnostics hardware features to extend their solutions for maximum benefit to their organization.

With 20 years of location intelligence, Quake Global has the experience and technology innovation needed by our customers.  Our location and telematics solutions have stood the test of time with over 1.5 million devices delivered worldwide in over 150 countries. Investing in the solution with the best technology that will continue providing excellent communication services today and in the future is a smart choice. 

 Quake Global’s Intelligent location solutions provide 360-degree visibility to anything and at any time.


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