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Quake Global Acquires ODIN RFID

SAN DIEGO, CA – Quake Global, Inc., a leading global provider of satellite and terrestrial asset tracking and monitoring technology to the Machine to Machine (M2M) market, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Washington D.C. based ODIN Technologies, Inc., a leading designer of RFID solutions for the healthcare, government, asset management, and other industries.

"The ODIN RFID acquisition is an important milestone towards achieving QUAKE’s goal of becoming the world’s foremost provider of innovative RF M2M technology hardware and services at all levels over the next few years," said QUAKE’s CEO, Polina Braunstein. “I believe that the merger of our resources and personnel will be highly synergistic and serve both companies well as we move together into an exciting future. QUAKE and ODIN have extensive proven experience in their given areas and this combination allows us both to gain access to complementary expertise that will be extremely useful in developing new markets as well as in expanding our current markets. ODIN's underutilized ability to apply RFID technology to almost any industry, combined with QUAKE's established leadership in delivering satellite and terrestrial communications technology over a diversified array of platforms, will position QUAKE and ODIN to become major forces in the exploding M2M market.”

The variety of applications is endless, and QUAKE is excited about being able to deliver this technology to its current and future customers.


About ODIN:

ODIN is the global leader in RFID software, service, and solution development with more than 500 successful projects worldwide, 10 patents and over $30 million invested in RFID software for the Healthcare, Government, Aerospace and Financial Services markets. Global corporations in 50 countries leverage ODIN’s patented RFID software to achieve accuracy, speed, and visibility for their RFID deployments. In addition, ODIN publishes the RFID Benchmark SeriesTM, the industry's first and most referenced head-to-head performance analysis of RFID equipment. For more information, visit

About Quake Global, Inc.:

QUAKE™ designs and manufactures industrial M2M modems for asset tracking and monitoring through satellite, cellular, GPS and other technologies. Through a network of international distributors, QUAKE products serve OEMs and other companies in the heavy equipment, aviation, maritime, and trucking industries, as well as in utility, oil & gas, and rail applications. QUAKE is proud to provide high-quality subscriber communicators for KOMATSU, CATERPILLAR, HITACHI, VOLVO TRUCKS, VOLVO CONSTRUCTION, HYUNDAI, BELL EQUIPMENT, MARINE INSTRUMENTS, FARIA, and many others.

For more information, visit

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