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Marine Instruments Uses Quake Global Modems in Satellite Buoys to Monitor Vessels and Ocean Fisheries

SAN DIEGO, CA – Quake Global Inc. a leading manufacturer of M2M communicators for multiple satellite and terrestrial networks, today announced that Marine Instruments has selected QUAKE’s Q9612 and 9602 communicators for its electronic positioning and communications systems to track vessels and buoys in the rugged open oceans of the marine fisheries industry. These communicators combine the low latency of SBD (short-burst data) service with global coverage of the satellite network.

According to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, the world harvest of commercial seafood is close to 200 million tons annually with millions of people across the globe engaged in the industry. QUAKE™ modems will be employed on a variety of Marine Instruments’ buoys used to remotely monitor, locate and control drifting fishing aggregate devices (FAD) for tropical tuna fishing and floating mussel platforms, as well as on rescue and scientific buoys. QUAKE’s modems provide global two-way communication with these devices that enable fishing boat captains to locate the best areas for catching fish or harvesting seafood. The modems will also be used in bi-directional onboard terminals to transmit GPS position and alarm distress for Marine Instruments’ ship monitoring and tracking systems.

Marine Instruments’ buoys save time and fuel by helping fishing boats and vessels quickly locate seafood-rich locations, receive alarm messages when fixed platforms move and locate raft positions for rescue purposes.

Polina Braunstein, QUAKE’S president and chief executive officer, said the Q9612 and 9602 modems will allow Marine Instruments’ customers to quickly and seamlessly track and monitor FAD assets anywhere in the world – including open ocean areas not reliably served by terrestrial wireless networks.

"Marine Instruments was the first manufacturer to develop and control satellite buoys for the tuna sector worldwide," she said. "Since then the company has become known in the industry for its continuous innovation and quality control. We are confident that the use of QUAKE modems on these systems will further enhance Marine Instruments’ leadership position in the competitive commercial fishing industry."

Fernando Ferro, commercial manager for Marine Instruments, said the QUAKE Q9612 and 9602 modems are a good fit for his company's maritime monitoring systems.

“Quake Global modems have the features we require, along with the reputation for dependability and ruggedness that is vital in the open ocean," Ferro said.


About Quake Global

Quake Global designs and manufactures industrial M2M modems and controllers for advanced data acquisition, machine, process and motion control and asset monitoring through satellite, cellular, GPS and other emerging technologies. QUAKE™ is the only manufacturer of network agnostic modems, providing its customers with a unified communications protocol for data coverage across multiple global satellite and terrestrial networks from a single device. QUAKE products serve companies in the heavy equipment, aviation, maritime and trucking industries, as well as in utility, oil and gas and rail applications. For more information, visit its website at

About Marine Instruments

Marine Instruments, a research and development-oriented company was founded in 2003 in Nigran, Spain. Since its origins, Marine Instruments has experienced continuous growth and is a recognized leader in the manufacture of products with a strong emphasis on tracking and communications systems for the marine and fishing industries. For more information, visit its website at

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