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How Navicom is Using Q4000 for Helicopter Visibility

Paula Dycaico Director of Marketing at Quake Global

Quake Global has a long history of supporting a wide variety of transportation location visibility solutions. Historically Quake’s satellite location technology has been used for locating heavy equipment, agriculture vehicles, trucking, fleet management, and maritime applications.  We are excited to offer our technology to assist our valued partners, Navicom Aviation, in partnership with JAXA, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, for their research and development used to improve aviation technology for disaster recovery.   

When there is a situation where multiple helicopters will fly in a densely populated airspace. The Navicom Map System allows for immediate location information about the helicopter and can also share the disaster information with the team on the ground so everybody can operate more efficiently. This enables decreased workload on the crew during stressful times and improved fuel efficiency, resulting in increased safety for the whole operation.   

Quake’s Q4000 is the smallest lightweight satellite location system on the market and was chosen by Navicom as the hardware technology “brain” for the Navicom  Map System.  The system developed by Navicom and JAXA will continually communicate location information and other important data. The ability to provide two-way communication was of critical importance in their selection of a technology provider.


Navicom is dedicated to the safety of the people and equipment they serve and Quake Global is proud to work with remarkable partners who recognize that technological innovation is a key component to providing effective and safe disaster relief to their country.

Quake Global’s unparalleled ability to support transportation systems in any form is a key differentiator of the systems we produce. The flexibility of the technologies we use can combine RFID, satellite and terrestrial communications which ensure that transportation equipment in all environments can use our location visibility technology.

 “By utilizing the Q4000 by Quake Global, we were able to develop the system in a short amount of time and make the system tremendously smaller and lighter than conventional systems. Because the Q4000 has great expansion capabilities we would like to continue to use it to continue to develop our systems and contribute to safer aviation operations” – Navicom





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