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360o Operational Visibility

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Effective patient care and profitability relies on a critical balancing act of facility availability, equipment coordination, staff scheduling, patient whereabouts, and specimen location. In between coordinating these critical areas are many "intelligence blind spots." Inside these small details, you can find the source of major revenue losses. Quake Global's RFID hospital management system works with you to identify these blind spots, giving you the actionable, real-time analytics that let you take control of your facility.
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Blind Spot Intelligence

Locating what you need is easy with our accurate real time location and workflow optimization using passive RFID.

Do you know where to look?

Lengthy room turnover times lead to significant delays in patient intake. Does your facility have the actionable data to implement leaner turnover times?
Hospitals dispose of perfectly functioning medical equipment to the tune of $765 billion per year, simply due to a false perception of surplus. Are you able to accurately track how your key equipment is utilized?
Nearly $1 million per operating room is lost each year due to scheduling inefficiencies. In what ways can you ensure both patients and personnel are ready at the right time?
The average error rate in lab results testing is close to 10%. Hospitals lose valuable time when misplaced draws need to be repeated. How can you increase accuracy to nearly 99%?

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Learn the ins-and-outs of your facility so you can make the detailed decisions that save you time and money. Whether it is identifying the most resourceful patient travel routes or learning to dispatch the right personnel when a room is ready for cleaning, Quake Global gives you the power to map your facility for maximum revenue.


With Quake Global, you can make smarter purchasing decisions by learning how often your staff actually uses expensive equipment. Comprehensive utilization analytics let you know what equipment and instrumentation you really need, so that you’re not left with costly spares.

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Falling a few minutes behind on your Operating Room schedule can trickle down into hours of delays - and hundreds and thousands of dollars in revenue loss. With Quake Global’s instant visibility into the location and progress of staff, you’ll have the power to make real-time scheduling adjustments.

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Even the smallest entity can lead to a significant loss in revenue. Mishandled and mislabeled specimens mean costly retesting that is harmful to patient health - and your bottom line. By using Quake Global, you can track specimens from hospital room to lab. You’ll have a complete tracking history of every specimen out for testing.

Quake Technology In Action

Quake's customers can choose from powerful out-of-the-box capabilities, custom solutions, or fully integrated systems

Download a FREE industry related case study now!
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